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Curacao Island Car Tour Banda Abou
Island Tour Curacao

Curaçao is divided into 2 areas by the locals, Banda Ariba and Banda Abou. The first means “up side” and the second “lower side” indicating which side of the island they’re located at. Banda Ariba is on the eastern side of the Curaçao (also known by locals as the “upper side of the bridge) and Banda Abou is on the western side of Curaçao (also known by locals being on the “lower” side of the bridge).

Most of Curaçao’s population lives in Banda Ariba (east side), Banda Abou is less populated and also boasts the best and most beautiful beaches in Curaçao. Therefore most people when doing a Curaçao tour go to the west side of the island. Banda Abou is filled with small white sandy picturesque beaches with turquoise see through water. Some beaches are frequently visited by and visitors. Other beaches, though accessible by car are more secluded then the more frequently visited beaches.

When on your tour be sure to go to Knip Grandi (Big Knip) where beautiful pictures can be taken from above looking down on the beach. Banda Abou is also great for snorkeling; a great variety of fish and colors can be seen snorkeling along the cliffs in Banda Abou.

When touring Curaçao there is more to be seen in Banda Abou your tour than only beaches. The Christoffel National Park is located at the western most part of the island. When at the park you can among other things hike 375 meters (1230 ft) to the top of the highest peak of Curaçao, called the Christoffelberg. Not far from the Christoffelpark is Boca Tabla, where you can see the high waves clash against the north side of the island creating underwater caves.

Be sure when in Curaçao to tour Banda Abou and enjoy Curacao’s typical nature both above and below the sea.