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Tips for Parking in Curacao
Parking Tips Curacao

As anywhere else, common sense applies when parking your car in Curaçao. This includes not leaving any valuables in your car when parking. If you have no choice but to leave some items in the car we suggest you put them in the trunk and leave the glove compartment open so that it can be seen as empty. Also keep this in mind even when parking at remote locations, after all a crowded location tends to have more social control than a remote location.

All attractions in Curaçao have their own parking area, some are free of charge others are not, some attractions offer both. Mambo Beach offers both free and paid parking. We suggest you use the paid parking facility because of the security presence. When in Downtown Willemstad all parking spaces have parking meters, parking costs about 15 US$ cents per 15 minutes. After 6PM parking is free in downtown. The Waaigat parking area is one downtown area that provides free parking 24 hours a day, the Waaigat parking area is on the Punda side across from the Movies.